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Resume on Wheels

Resume on Wheels

Published | Apr 26, 2019 IN | BEST Employment

Putting the wheels in motion to tackle unemployment in the New England, 10 local job seekers are now ready to ride the road to employment.

BEST Employment, in partnership with Owen Craigie and New Careers for Aboriginal People (NCAP), have opened new opportunities with their Ride About Don’t Walk About Program.

“Unemployment is a big issue in the North West, particularly youth unemployment which we sit as one of the top highest in the state, around 20%. This program removes two of the major barriers for local job seekers being unable to find work. Transport and licensing.” Business Development Manager, Rob Walters said.

The RADWA program is designed to help disadvantaged people gain the skills, tools, and mentoring and support to get on the road and get a job.

“We have had 20 job seekers, 7 indigenous across Tamworth and Moree who have complete the program this month including our first female participant. All participants have received their motorcycle license and will be presented with their very own motorbike to keep, fully registered for one year.”

This is the first program of its kind to roll out in the North West.

“Its gives many people that sense of freedom”. Director of RADWA Owen Craigie said.

“There are so many barriers out there for families and friends in the community, so I thought how I could help and so I came up with this program. I come in and remove all of the stress about getting your license, the hours and the support. And after four days you ride out of here and you’re employable. It enhances your life.” Owen Craigie said.

Jordan Fraser is one job seeker who completed the program and believes he is now on the right track.

“The course was excellent. Helped a lot of us who have never had a license. It will make our goals of getting employment more successful. Working with both BEST and RADWA, a lot of us have jobs lined up now.” Participants Jordan Fraser said.

“BEST Employment will run the same program with 10 job seekers in Inverell and Glen Innes, aiming to change lives and alleviate disadvantage in our communities.” Said Rob Walters.

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